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Firefly Banjo Ukulele by Magic Fluke

$219.00 / On Sale

Magic Fluke The Firefly Banjo Ukulele combines the ease of playing the uke with the distinctive sound of the banjo. The 8” head is synthetic Mylar-based Remo Renaissance with Acousticon pot, factory tuned and assembled. The simple open back design is lightweight, requiring no tuning of the head. Action is easily adjustable with shim washers where the dowel stick meets the tailpiece bracket. The Firefly comes standard with: Grover 2B tuners; walnut or maple neck; maple and ebony bridge; poly-carbonate molded fret board and Aquila or LaBella strings. Hardwood fret board option available. Maple neck comes standard with ivory tuners. Concert features a hardwood fingerboard and walnut neck.
UKE Republic includes setup.

Soprano & Concert Scale Available