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Dash Hula & Bottle Opener Ukulele Player Characters


Dash Hula Doll Ukulele Player Characters (Resin) sway and play ukulele on your car dash. Adheres to dash by sticky adhesive.

Ukulele Player Character Bottle Openers are a great addition to your tiki bar!

**Large Leilani Dash Hula Girl ($11.99 ea)
Small Leilani Dash Hula Girl ($7.99 ea)
Little Dash Hula Girl ($7.99 ea)
Pink Flamingo Dash Hula (no ukulele) ($7.99 ea)
Green Turtle Dash Hula ($7.99 ea)
Green Alligator Dash Hula (shorts, no hula skirt) ($7.99 ea)
Gray Shark Dash Hula ($7.99 ea)
Panda Dash Hula (7.99)
Menahune Ukulele Player Figurine (does not sway - stationary) ($7.99 ea)
Menahune Ukulele Player Bottle Opener ($7.99 ea)
Pin-Up Ukulele Player Girl Bottle Opener ($7.99 ea)

**Large Lelani Dash Hula Available in: Green Grass Skirt or Natural Grass Skirt - Choose in drop down menu**