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Risa Solid Woods Stick Ukuleles w/ Pickup


*See drop-down menu for in-stock models
*Risa UKS385MP Solid Maple Stick Concert Ukulele w/PU - $289.95
* Risa UKS432WA Solid Walnut Stick Tenor Ukulele w/PU - $335.95

Made in Germany

Unique extremely well-made concert ukulele, the Risa Stick is a great uke to add to your collection.
The feel of the instrument and the low action really make the Risa Stick a pleasure to play.
The Stick is all electric so played unplugged it's very quiet which could be perfect for practicing. We have had customers tell us they use theirs in hotel rooms as its quiet enough that it doesn't disturb anyone.
Risa's Stick pickup is passive so no need for batteries. You really just plug and play

Each Risa Stick comes with a gig bag and strap.

*UKE Republic includes Pro set up for optimal playability and tone.

Solid Maple (Concert Scale), Solid Walnut (Tenor Scale)
Passive Pickup - Undersaddle
Zero Fret
Pearloid Position Markers on Fingerboard
Side Position Dots
Silver Chrome Tuners w/ White Buttons
Risa Premium Strings
Chrome Strap Buttons
Black Gig Bag
Black Nylon Strap
*UKE Republic includes setup to ensure optimal sound and playability