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Retro Tweed & Black Ukulele Hard Case

$65.95 / On Sale

Retro Tweed Hard-Shell Cases:
Classic look sturdy wood covered in genuine Tweed it features *Brass hardware
*Maroon color padded plush lining
*Attractive leather bound edges
*Rugged leather handle
*Brass floor studs so it sets nicely on its side
*Handy accessories storage compartment
*shaped to fit ukuleles snuggly and exactly
(Pictured ukulele not included)

HC-RTW-S Soprano $65.95 ea
HC-RTW-C Concert $73.95 ea
HC-RTW-T Tenor $83.95 ea
HC-RTW-B Baritone $85.95 ea

KALA Black Ukulele Hard Case:
Vinyl Exterior Cover with White Contrasting Stitching
Black Plush Interior with Storage Compartment
Sturdy Hard Plastic Handle
Chrome Latches and Strap Loops

HC-BLK-S Soprano $65.95 ea
HC-BLK-C Concert $73.95 ea
HC-BLK-T Tenor $83.95 ea
HC-BLK-B Baritone $85.95 ea