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NEW! Magic Fluke FireFly Maple Tenor Banjo Ukulele

$379.95 / Coming Soon

NEW! Magic Fluke Maple Tenor Banjo Ukulele
Made in USA

First to offer the NEW!!!! Tenor Banjo-Uke by Magic Fluke
So the Magic Fluke company decided to make a tenor size banjo ukulele that remains light weight but still has the warmth and drive associated with maple banjo ukuleles.
These are made in USA and use a lot of locally sourced materials for the build. You can see and hear pride that goes into the build of these instruments.
This banjo-ukulele features a tunable head. Aquila strings and a zero fret on the hardwood fingerboard.

* Uke Republic includes pro set up for optimal tone and playability

Tenor Scale
Friction Tuners with White Buttons
Black Position Dots on Fingerboard
Zero Fret
Maple Pot
Maple Fingerboard
Maple Neck
Remo Head 8" Made in USA
Aquila Strings

Made In USA

Setup Included for optimal sound and playability

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