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Ukulele Polish & Fretboard Cleaners Mick's and Music Nomad Products

$6.99 / On Sale

Music Nomad ONE
Complete Ukulele maintenance in one bottle to clean, polish, and protect
Streak-free, biodegradable formula that smells great
Infused with white Brazilian carnauba wax for an acoustically transparent shield with a high gloss shine
Pro-strength, proprietary formula used world-wide by musicians, repair shops, guitar techs, instrument makers, and collectors
Safe on all lacquer finishes, not recommended for matte finishes

Mick's Emerald Isle Instrument Polish & Fretboard Cleaners. Made in USA. Sold separately.

Mick's Ukulele Polish:
Think the world could get by without another polish product? Try Emerald Isle and you’ll see why they invented it! They blend the finest ingredients available to give you a quick mirror finish on glossy finishes and a smooth clean appearance on all finishes. They package this wonderful polish in an eye-catching 4oz bottle with a super premium spray head for a fine mist application. Safe for all finishes and great for all instruments. Works great on guitars as well as drums and all instruments. 4 oz. - $6.99 ea

Mick's Ukulele Fretboard Cleaner:
A blend several exotic oils and pure Carnuba wax makes this fantastic concoction to keep your ukulele clean and hydrated. Simply shake the bottle to mix, dabb on a cleaning cloth, then apply to your fretboard and rub it in a bit, then buff to a blinding luster. You will love the beautiful finish it leaves and the smooth, non oily feel of the instruments neck. It smells great too! A little of this stuff goes a long way so use sparingly and only on unfinished wood. You'll love this product! 2 oz. bottle - $6.99 ea