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Ko'olau Ukulele Strings (Various)

$7.00 / On Sale

KO'OLAU 'ALOHI (Hawaiian for brilliance, pronouced A-lo-hee) are crafted from a dense monofilament material that has an attractive, translucent purple hue. They have a polished, smooth feel analogous to nylon, but with a slightly brighter tone and increased projection. Ko'olau string packaging we use "Eco-Friendly" tree-free paper.
Ko'olau's 'Alohi paper is made of Banana fiber.

*** SOLD OUT KO'OLAU GOLD series 'Ukulele Strings are professional quality strings, preferred by performers and recording artists.
The “Ko'olau Gold” line of 'ukulele strings have achieved world wide popularity, throughout Europe, Asia, the mainland US, and of course, Hawaii. (Discontinuing production)

KO'OLAU MAHANA (Hawaiian for warmth) strings are
sorted by a sophisticated computer-controlled laser machine which performs diameter/tension measurements and quality check, insuring true sounding, precise tone in every set. For string packaging Ko'olau uses "Eco-Friendly" tree-free paper. Ko'olau's Mahana paper is made of Mango fiber.