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Mid-East Baroq-ulele™ Concert, Variegated w/ Padded Bag Included

$309.99 / Coming Soon

Based on the round-back guitar found in Germany, the Baroq-uleles™ are one of the most option-rich lines of instruments we carry.

It features a European spruce soundboard with an interlaced rosette design taken from a 16th century vihuela. The back is a round-back or bowl shape made of alternating staves of sheesham rosewood (Dalbergia sissoo) and lacewood (Platanus orientalus). The neck is solid sheesham rosewood and features a nut width of 36mm (1 7/16 inch) with a bone nut. This instrument is outfitted with friction tuners. The bridge, also made of sheesham rosewood incorporates a genuine bone saddle. An end-pin strap button is standard.

This Baroq-ulele™ is graced with its own unique rosette design, of which is taken from museum examples from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Back: sheesham rosewood, lacewood (chenar) or variegated with alternating staves of rosewood and lacewood.
**UKE Republic includes setup for optimal sound & playability.