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'Ukulele: a beginning method DVD by Daniel Ho


In this region-free instructional DVD, GRAMMY winner Daniel Ho presents:

•What to look for when choosing an ‘ukulele
•Proper playing technique
•How to practice efficiently
•The C, F, & G major scales
•The main chords in the keys of C, F, & G
•Basic strumming patterns & arpeggios
•Improvising with pentatonic scales
•Musical exercises featuring Pineapple Mango, Amazing Grace,
and Pachelbel’s Canon
•Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, & English subtitles

Bonus Features include...

• Slideshow of Daniel’s ‘Ukulele Collection
•Behind The Scenes of filming the DVD
•Daniel’s Practice Tips

Languages include...

Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, English subtitles
日本語字幕 中文字幕 한국어 자막 บทเเปลภาษาไทย

Daniel plays the ‘ukulele with the thoughtfulness of a composer, the touch of a classical guitarist, and the tone of a seasoned audio engineer. He received a GRAMMY® nomination for his solo ‘ukulele CD, Polani – the first ‘ukulele album in music history to receive this distinction.